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                        This is a response blog given by Dr. Dilip Barad in our Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University celebrate 30 Youth Festival AmrutRang 2022 after 2 years of covid we are celebrating grand 3 days Youth our give us task to observe various events and as a literature student we are able to literary and critical skills on the events which we had attended in Youth Festival 2022.

The Grand Intercollege Event – YOUTH Festival every year becomes a medium for the annual gathering for youth and it is the only place where students’ art meets talent. Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University had organized a four-day youth festival on

18-19-20-21 September

wherein students from various colleges and departments were able to showcase their skills in various competitive fields.

First Day 


In this year Kalayatra  have various themes like Woman's Power, Woman's contribution in Freedom movement, Gandi, Indian Traditional Culture, Bhavnagar 1723 to 2022.

30th youth festival   yuvadhan 34- events

Around 750- participants  Yuva urja mahotsav

Shri Mahendrabhai Meghani mukhyamanch. 

Performance by girls from KL Vidhyalay

Chief Guest

Collector and yuvraj absent,Jitubhai vaghani

Incharge VC MM Trivedi,Mayor kirtiben Danidhariya,Abhishek Jain - director of wrong side raju,Bhartiben shiyal,KaushikBhai Bhatt

Safin Hassan,GM sutariya sir,EC members

Dilip gohil- welcomed all  and audience mkbu's history in youth,Safeen hasan- follow your inspiration, confused generation, lot of options in this generation, patang youth dori  connection in family society parents is necessary. 

Quiz- shri Harindra Dave Sahityamanch

Garba- murliben Meghani nrutyamanch

Mime- shri vinodbhai amlani natyamanch

Themes represented in various tableaux of Kala-Yatra - 25/9/2019 - From Victoria Park  to University. 

3:00 Mimicri

Minimum 4 minutes maximum 5 minutes three participants in event


Vipul Vala



Start with college code 3 presented one man who go to director and film story he was creating many animals voice

Code 6 representing village and evening time his sentence about women was very problematic 7 and 8 are not presented so 13 number present their event  Bhanubha and Kshatriya and small child birthday event 

15 code Rockstar Ravi Dream scene and train,shaadi  All three are the same in voice of animals, birds, train and other things. 

Murliben Meghani Munch



Nithin Dave 

Amul Bhai Parmar

Manisha ben shukla Bhatt




Devangiben bhatt

Jagjeet bhai

Mime-1 no. 3: 

Importance of outdoor games... Mobile games addiction sucide. Indians winning in the Olympics games. Outdoor games winning over mobile. 

2 no. 6: 

sahid, military life, used to go in the past, soldier life, living with family and working for the nation, giving them salute on death, 75th year of azadi, role of soldiers in azadi. 

3 no. 7:

Reversed whole scene., good expression and body gestures, shahid last burial, surgical strike, use real incident like URI, Pulava

4 no. 8: 

No use of red lipstick, animals killing as a habit or hobbies, religious practices,  forgetting religion and violence, technology eating humans, humans losing control of technology, robots. 

5 no.13-

 Began with circus, lion also, controlling lion,,. 

Other animals if they are uncontrollable then they kill the animals. 

6 No. 15- Child growing, going school, being top, parents giving him mobile, transgender boy into girl, not being accepted by family and frnds, being alienated, getting in transgender community accept him , doing sucide, transgender is also a sex not other. 



Jagjeet bhai

Vipul vala

Diwakarbhai upadhyay


5 maximum they give extra 15 second

Per college one entry Property are not allowed if they need judge never interpret

Act 1 code 3

About Actor and his acting Ravan, Romeo, Hamirsinh, Zaverchand Meghani, Sadan hasan manto, Gandhi actor and his accident with electric shock and paralazed his body. 

Act 2 code 4

Unborn girl child and her suffering in Indian society 

Code 6 

Gauri and Jasiyo 

Childhood friends and they have age gap after some time he was going to City for higher education he was come village and Gauri eat poison she died

Code 7

Actor life 

Mask wearing on her face which is invisible only two act laughing and crying rapist and victim. 

Code 8

Krishna  Karma and siddhattha about Friendship, Kansha 

Code 12 

Taramati (queen) Harishchandra

She and her husband and king because of Brahmin they sold themselves and her son died because of snake bite. Everyone tells that she was bitch and her husband also works there in Tantriks house. At the end Vishvamitra gave them everything: child and kingdom. 

Code 13


Childhood and experience adult life and result matter in our society donation corruption in our society 

Code 14

One lover 

Flashback he face accident after accident he was going to her lover commited sucide and he was murdered her brother and then he was going to court 

Code 15

About One Ring great performance

Code 20

Navghan and Ahir women who sacrifice her own child for prince life 

Code 18

Yogesh shukla written Aatma no Avaj

Code 19

Difference in Hindu Muslim and nowdays blood shade in India because of religion, Rape, spot in rapist cloth and simple human washing by Nirma Powder

Code 23

Dhruv Bhatt written about Gir woman real event

Code 33

Netar ni safai

Killer woman and her perspective her husband was drunk try to domestic violence self defense she killed his husband she became Mad

Code 35

Swati written 

Rangmanch to Bollywood

Her journey and talk with Rangmunch kabuliwala to shakuntala Shantu Rangili to Bollywood 

Code 43

Human with so many refreness Gandhi, Socretish, Krishna, Jallianwala Bagh and so many

2.Major themes in dramatic events like One Act Play (एकांकी), Skit (लघु नाटक), Mime (मूक अभिनय), Mono-acting (एक पात्रीय अभिनय).

One Act Play

Vinod bhai Amlani Natyamanch

The major themes of all the drama performances contained a common theme- 21st-century view towards age-old concepts, feminism, Woman's Safety Almost all performances were from a modern perspective and some of the plays were based on current themes while other plays followed the script of great dramatists or short story writers.

                         Firstly, discussing about One Act Play (एकांकी), I would like to describe the themes of two plays here in detail-

1)Ashifa ek paheli sanjay srivastav writen their concept was very unique told about feminism and shurpankha and her point of view and draupadi and her feminism nice performance and very good acting vivah ek balatkar and acid attack on girls most important thing Rape but tragedy flash back with Ashifa one girl child who was victim this is about tragedy in our nowadays india we grow up but still even small girl child are not safe in our nation we speak Bharatmata but in Bharat women's are only toys for male dominated society. This play is all about social awareness. 

2) Adhuru Chitra

According to Aristotle, Plot, and action plays a vital role in tragedy performed on stage. His views can be applied to this tragedy. According to Aristotle, a tragic hero should be a person of great reputation or prosperity, he should be above common level. The tragic hero of the play is Kumar, he is a man of high rank. He becomes king of the Karangath empire. As proposed by Aristotle,  the tragic character should be lifelike and true to type. The character of Vikram kumar is a very lifelike character. The story must be one. There shouldn't be a double plot but in this play, it follows the unity of time and action. 

This is story about Royal Family love story and 

Panna is mistress of king and king give his all empire to his nephew  vikram kumar prince good painter  heroin Panna her background was different she found in prostitute house by king  and one day both are boating Panna and Vikram  found them with ear other and prince make her painting but it was half without any discussion king thinking like they have affair with each other shivratri celebration king making domestic violence against Panna died after death she give latter to kumar he was read letter mad after this Tragedy. The play starts with the madness of prince flashback with kumar. 

3) Hu Pasalo Chu

play is modern tragic comedy 

Indu kuva written Hu pasalo chu

One Act Play

A kind of love story one simple man and princess light humor tragedy also on that he was simple human for love he became changed himself as a God at the End he realized human is better than God. 

Classic Tragedy with Gujarati Drama and traditional representation

4)Aai khani chopat 

Start with man(meraman) who died and one woman (Jaan Bai) sitting near him people challenge protagonist for revenge to his brother murdered and his was continiously play chopat her father tell her to merry is brother in law (manhur) she recall her memories with his husband beautiful scene they create too woman one after merry waiting for husband and before his dead waiting his husband she was talking with her self by too character she marry with her brother in law (Diyar vatu) but after merriage she getting news that his husband mudrered by his brother so she give poison milk to his brother in law he died. Flashback of murder and fight was very nice main protagonist woman dialogue was amazing


1.Ravan dahan- ravan in 21st century,   ola- pushpa, traffic police, politicians in election, inflation criticism, media bikav, godi media, after election situation, politician ni behrai, aam aadmi ki sthiti, corona  modi with vaccine, Russia Ukraine war, women situation as inferior, female Foetus, ravan asking about Ram Rajya. corona, thali bajo, diva jalao, vaccine andhvishwas, surat  grishma case, rabiya case, more and more case of Rape, Good expression not terms of acting. 

2.Technology and village life too generation conflict one son was in Army and one daughter who have dream to go in army but funny act and another young child modi Diya jalav Thali bhajao Niraj chopda sanitesar vaccsion surat Girshma and Jainil story,rape in corona who are going Desh and woman died with child good ending happy ending move towards Education

3.Pan ni dukan politics Moghavari main topic casteism, religion, skill less in politics Gangubai, Pushpa human rights popular reels Donation in Education and also job and government job. 

4.Bhaarash 21th century human, woman and son is more important in Indian society, Transgender destroyed humanity politics in Gundaraj moghvari and DJ sound pollution child with baby setar loose humanity and loose motherhood  why? Gum hui insaniyat, satire on election gunda, DJ taklif, satire of society... Surrogate child, babysitter, mummy wearing  jeans and going to a parlor with children in child care, insaniyat ko khatam kiya. Baras manayi. Bite hue kal ko tilanjali di. Absence of father satire of mother only. 

Paper college, Painting, Cartooning, Clay Modling. 

I am first time attending Youth Festival this is very new and amazing experience this is not only for entertainment but it was knowing ourselves various art represented by students. 

Thank you… 

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